Kitchen Clash : Sweet and Sour – RECAP

On Thursday, June 16th, Kitchen Clash hosted the ultimate sweet-and-sour showdown in a gorgeous Tribeca loft. (We always stay mum when it comes to our exact locations—grab a ticket to our next event to be in on the secret!) Chef Nick Williams and Chef Becca Richards cranked up their burners and gave sixty lucky Kitchen Clash guests a culinary battle that had all of our tastebuds screaming for more.


It’s really just another day when you’re working with these heavyweights: Chef Nick Williams, Executive Chef at Littleneck, sharpened his competitive instincts on Food Network’s Chopped and Bravo’s Recipe for Deception, while Chef Becca Richards, the Executive Chef at Flex Mussels, earned her chops at Recette, Lion, and Paris Gourmet. Don’t forget Alexis Guerreros, our dashing, joke-slinging host for the night—the showdown wouldn’t have been the same without him! The challenge? Turn our sweet-and-sour theme into a dish that will earn you the Kitchen Clash Winner’s Apron, a brand new chef’s knife, and—best of all—sweet, glorious bragging rights.




Chef Becca wowed our sixty attendees/food judges with her (*takes a deep breath*) fried pacu fish ribs with Thai sweet-and-sour BBQ sauce, yuzu nam jim poached oyster, and daikon radish and jicama slaw with pickled pineapple. As if that incredible dish weren’t enough, Chef Becca’s assistant Mariki Sayles, Head Bartender at Le Bernardin, whipped up her sweet and zingy “One Night in Bangkok,” a ginger and yuzu whiskey sour.


Chef Nick gave us his “Lit as F*ck” sweet-and-sour ribs, quinoa summer salad, and black garlic and jalapeno pickled watermelon. The audience must’ve been feeling just as lit as those tender, fall-off-the-bone ribs; in the end, their votes gave this Drake-fanatic and Yeezus believer another fitting title: Kitchen Clash Winner! It was a close battle that we’ll never forget—major shoutout to Chef Becca for bringing her A-game!


Kitchen Clash fans, after hosting several events around the city, we’ve found some interesting patterns: no chef on Kitchen Clash has ever won with two dishes or with an accompanying cocktail! Will our audience always go for the one-dish knockout, or will one of our future chefs break the pattern with a flavorful one-two punch? 


There’s only one way to find out: grab a ticket to our next event! Want to hear when tickets are available? Sign up to receive our email updates! Also, check out photos from the event here.


A huge thanks goes out to our sponsors: Roomi, Sixpoint Brewery, and Homemade! Last but certainly not least, thank you for the gorgeous photos, My-Linh Van! 

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