Kitchen Clash: The Milk & Honey Edition 3.26.16

On March 26th, we took a swanky apartment in the heart of New York City and turned it into the sweet, spicy, and downright mouth-watering stuff of foodie dreams. Chef Jumoke Jackson (a self-taught private chef who’s appeared on Beat Bobby Flay and Cutthroat Kitchen) and Chef Anup Joshi (a former Head Chef at Tertulia who won Chopped) entered the kitchen arena to spar for the coveted title of Kitchen Clash Winner.

Sixty attendees came to our sold out event and eagerly watched as our talented chefs took on our challenging theme for the night—milk and honey!—and created gorgeous, flavorful dishes. Chef Anup created a tender, yogurt-marinated chicken with fresh paneer, curried whey, and honey-glazed cauliflower. Chef Jumoke wowed the crowd by creating two dishes: a sweet and earthy honey-poached chicken with silky carrot puree and fried sage, alongside a rich tres leche bread pudding with citrus cream. 

While the action raged on in our open kitchen, Kitchen Clash guests (who also served as our food judges!) danced to our music and enjoyed an open bar that was generously supported by sponsors Roomi and Sixpoint Brewery. They also enjoyed a full appetizer spread, provided by our newest sponsor Homemade! “Pics or it didn’t happen,” say people in our Instagram-happy era, so we provided a prop-filled photo booth for our vibrant crowd. 


All attendees received goodie bags filled with trinkets from our sponsors, but only one lucky, randomly-selected guest received a copy of Chrissy Teigen’s Cravings cookbook! Our cookbook winner was impossibly cool Clara Luo, who also happened to be celebrating her birthday that night. Happy birthday, girl! Just another way we keep the good vibes flowing at our events—and create ways to tag Chrissy Teigen in our content so she’ll notice us and hopefully come to one of our future events. We’re kidding! (But not really.) 

In the end, while Jumoke’s two scrumptious dishes undoubtedly impressed our judges, Anup’s savory, complex dish won over the crowd and earned Anup the title of Kitchen Clash Winner! There may be winners and losers in the Kitchen Clash world, but there are no hard feelings—our skilled, creative chefs set down their knives and shared some silly after-party moments in our photo booth. 


Ultimately, we’re incredibly thankful to all of our guests, chefs, sponsors, and staff for working together to create another successful, sold-out Kitchen Clash event! Thank you, Chef Jumoke and Chef Anup, for completely wowing the crowd with your talents and continuing to charm guests long after the stoves were turned off. Thank you to our partners at Roomi, Sixpoint Brewery, and Homemade for supporting us at such an exciting time in our journey. And of course, to the sixty fun-loving, down-to-earth guests/food judges in the room: thank you so much for being a part of our Kitchen Clash community. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts, and hope to see you foodies again soon! 


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A portion of this event’s proceeds went to The Knowledge House, a Bronx-based non-profit that provides local tech programs for young adults and students in low-income neighborhoods. Learn more about how this organization is helping to spur economic development and creating a diverse technology pipeline, and find out how you can support their good work! 

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