Our first official Kitchen Clash was mind-blowing. It was everything we wanted it to be and more! 50+ people mingled comfortably in Tom’s beautiful SoHo apartment, singing along to good music and sipping on generous helpings of booze from our open bar. Chef Nicole Karr (Anne Burrell’s Chef Wanted) and Chef Mu (Chopped) went head-to-head in an exciting culinary battle that resulted in Chef Mu’s victory, a room full of happy food judges, and almost $400 for the award winning non profit, Ghetto Film School!

We kicked off the party with our open bar, manned by Kodi (a.k.a the most beautiful bartender in the world) and generously supplied by our sponsorSixpoint! Our judges/partygoers enjoyed free swag from our sponsor Roomi and snacked on tasty appetizers prepared by the talented Chef Keli Catalano.

We told our two competing chefs to cook whatever they wanted – as long as their dishes fit with the theme “Tequila and Lime”. After an exciting hour of chopping, deep-frying, and even flambéeing in front of a curious and pumped-up crowd, Chef Nicole and her sous chef, Chef Richie, presented their Pork Tacos w/ Pickled Red Onion and a Roasted Tomatillo Sauce. She served that alongside a Carrot Jalapeño Margarita and finished with Churros with Mexican Chocolate

Chef Mu presented a single dish – Tequila-and-Lime Deep-Fried Ribs served with Kale Salad with Lime Vinaigrette and Curried Sweet Potato Salad. Each chef worked hard to prepare 50+ dishes for our partygoers, who texted their votes to choose Kitchen Clash’s first Winner!

Although both chefs created unforgettable dishes, Chef Mu emerged victorious, becoming the first lucky chef to don the Kitchen Clash Winner’s Apron. Tom Flaherty, our gracious host for the evening, presented Chef Mu with the Apron while our guests cheered on!

Our team worked incredibly hard to create this wildly successful event. We’re so excited to do this again! We filled our bellies, danced in an incredible SoHo apartment, met new friends, and raised nearly $400 dollars for the award-winning non profit, Ghetto Film School.

If you would like to donate to the Ghetto Film School and their incredible cause, visit!  Also, a huge thank you to the Kitchen Clash crew: Grace, Simon, Stephanie, and Lindsey! Couldn’t have done it without you!

To see more photos from the night, click here! Look forward to partying with all of you again soon!

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